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Narayna Dental College Tamil Nadu
Thanks to AnaMac for Funding our project - it is quite appriciable where company like anamac is helping our PGs
Thanks to AnaMac to Fund our project 
Aligner Group Sudha Rustagi 
Nobody can do the way they have done efficiently our project for our group - thanks again 
Sudhanshu SDC GZB 
Efficiently work done within expected timelines
MKU Pvt Ltd  
Work was done quite efficiently and overall consultancy provided was also quite impressive
Dr Meet KM SHAH Dental 
AMD done the Job and explained thoroughly. Have referred to many of my friends
Raju-Bhai SMS Apr 
Done the analysis quite quickly - Recommended
Flex Foam 
Have helped in our project for India Railways their design consultancy had done wonder for us - Thumps up !!!
Amit SMS Germany  
Well appreciate  for their patience for numerous round of execution .
Dr Aparna Saveetha Dental
Too good - Thanks to Abhilasha mam for quick understanding of my work and thanks for giving me heavy discount for under graduate student.
Dr Swagta MDS ITS Dental
It was  quite quick and I recommend them to avoid any other surprises to your  JOB - Thorough professional towards their work .
Nayan Prakash Ekam Rehab Tech Pvt Ltd 
Have helped in one of our Overseas project 
Maj. Om Shekhawat - Indian Army 
Have done one of our quite important JOB - from modelling to FEA everything was taken care quite smoothly and efficiently.
Dr Shweta MDS ITS Dental- 
It was really awesome - these people are really GEM in their Domain.
Raga Engineers Faridabad 
Everything was explained with details for our Pressure Vessels Job.
Dr.Ailene Gamboa Manila -Phillippines -
It was amazing experience working with AMD - they are very helpful.
Dr.Amruta DY Patil -
They were quite quick in winding up the JOB
SMS Germany  
Quite quickly winded up Lifting Tackle job.
Maj. Dr.Anubhav- Army Dental Delhi 
My Mouth guard job was completed well within time n budget
Dr.Pooja- Manav Rachna Dental Faridabd 
Nobody else AnaMac can do such type of work in NORTH India. They have in-depth knowledge in this domain from design to analysis.
Dr.Nivedita - HP Dental Himachal Pradesh
It was Really nice experience they provide all services under one roof  CAD Drawing , Modelling , Dental FEA Analysis .
Have pretty good understanding into Dental and Organic Designing 
Perfect Product Designer Service from AMD
Lumax Gurgaon
One of stiffness analysis job taken care by them, provide help even on weekends that's quite appriciated
DayCo -USA
AMD had  done FEA analysis and we are pretty much satisfied, they are expensive but knows their technology very well.
Ram Spreaders -- Singapore
AMD had done our FEA & Fatigue analysis  job of Cranes TACKLES quite well, bit delayed but compensated by crashing the overall schedule and in our budget.

M.Alam Phd IIT Delhi  - GLA Mathura

AMD had done a project on Heat exchanger cum workshop for our scholars and we are quite satisfied as our scholar had learning from Industry experts. 
Dr.Nishu- Sudha Rustagi Dental
Have to say about AMD they care, As we reached them at the last stage of submission of our research and they helped us by providing 24x7 support - which we haven't seen anywhere - recommend for any Dental FEA project, their Modeler and FEA resources have in-depth knowledge.
Dr.Namika - Sudha Rustagi Dental
I was also riding in same boat with my friend Dr.Nishu and they had completed our Dental FEA Analysis work well before time. Request MDS Scholar please reach out early in cycle to avoid any surprises.
Anemo Engineers
Hired AMD for Tata project of Basement parking, And their folks are really GEMS as they justified SIKKA group with overall coverage of walk through.
S.Kumar SMS-Germany
AMD were hired for Ladle Car Project and completed the JOB in a good manner . Always ready for N number of iterations.
W.Lakhani SMS-Germany
AnaMac was hired for another rolling department of SMS and their valuable suggestions were well taken by our design team
Had done excellent work on FEA analysis for our Lifting Tackles job for Vietnam.
Brand Tech USA 2016
Recommended - But cost was more than expected on top of that Quality was awesome so didn't pinch that much.
K.Adhikari SMS-Germany
AMD have done good job of Static Analysis on Gantry project also their optimization on the Model was Awesome
B.Joshi  SMS-Germany
AnaMac had done satisfactory job of FEA analysis on Tilting platform for one of our premium client. cheers

A professional company with satisfied service. Good experience

AMD helped me with my thesis on FEM analysis.... they took up my thesis on urgent bases and provided me with the results within the timeframe.... their work was quiet efficient and satisfactory where they approved each and every step before proceeding ahead in the analysis and cleared all my doubts..... would highly recommend them to my other dental colleagues... Thank you AMD

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