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Welcome to the World of Design Analysis & Process Saftey Management Services, We provide PSM, Simulation and Engineering Design consulting services worldwide to our clients, We help our Clients in converting their Dreams into Reality . We develop innovation strategies tailored to bridge our clients’ business goals and objectives with our customers’ needs.
Our researchers immerse themselves in individual motives, behaviors, values, and desires. Using unique tools and processes, we transform this data into actionable insights that help creative teams develop innovative solutions that meet real user needs.
Driven by strategic understanding of the marketplace and deep user empathy, we develop innovative products that blend seamlessly with end users’ lifestyles, habits, and workflows. We deliver product concepts that become powerful brand ambassadors.
AnaMac is equipped with bunch of best Consultants from PSM and Simulation Industry, belongs to the team of Certified Experts - PALPATINE, YODA, LIGHTSABER, SKYWALKER. Each team is participating in fulfilling the needs of their Client. We work on theory of Optimum solution with fulfilling Complete requirement of our Clients.
Our company uses the latest design tools to meet your needs, including AnSys, AutoCad , SolidWorks , SolidEdge, Inventor,Catia software . We encourage continuing education, always striving to keep up with technology.

  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Aviation Industry
  • Marine Industry
  • Transport & many more

  • CFD
  • Underhood CFD Analysis
  • Basement Car Parking Analysis
  • Heat Exchangers Analysis
  • Wind Turbine Analysis
  • Solar PV Analysis
  • Electric Arc Furnace roof Top Analysis
  • Evaporation Cooler Analysis
  • Explosion Analysis
  • Erosion Analysis

  • FEA
  • Heavy Machinery Analysis
  • Crane Frames Analysis
  • Automotive Parts Analysis
  • Marine Parts Analysis
  • Telecom Towers Analysis
  • Wind Turbine Analysis
  • Solar PV Analysis
  • Dynamic stiffness Analysis
  • Dental FEA Analysis

    Engineering Design
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Tackles lifting Heavy Objects
  • Auto Industry
  • Railway Coaches
  • Solar PV Analysis
  • Communication Towers
  • Dental Equipments
  • Heat Sink