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Oil & Gas Dispersion Analysis

AnaMac Provides Oil & Gas Dispersion Analysis Services both in 2D & 3D form.

What is Incident Analyst?

  • Emergency response and planning software for modeling the effects of chemical releases
  • Addresses three primary hazards
  • Toxic (atmospheric dispersion of a chemical)
  • Fire (thermal radiation fluxes and temperature rise)
  • Explosion (blast overpressures)

Toxic Dispersion

•Evaluates toxicity of contaminated air by modeling the movement and dispersion of a chemical gas cloud
•Array of source and chemical types:
•Pure chemical/mixture
•Buoyant, neutrally-buoyant, or dense gas
•Vapor, evaporating pool, two-phase (gas and liquid)
•Ground-level release, horizontal or vertical jet, diked or unliked liquid pool, pipeline/tank leak/rupture
•Calculates area of toxic/flammable concentrations


Gas Dispersion Models

•Neutrally Buoyant: 
•Dense Gas/Two-Phase: