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Wind Analysis @ AnaMac

AnaMac provides Design & Analysis Services into WIND Calculations covering both FEA & CFD .


Wind Loads on Buildings

A windy day can create a serious phenomenon on tall buildings, bridges, and towers. Predicting the performance of constructions in advance will ensure the comfort and safety of people. This is why an accurate and robust tool is required to evaluate the wind and structural effects. AnaMac comes with a multi-discipline package to give you the chance to evaluate not only the flow over the constructions but also the bending and the twisting phenomenon on the structures. AnaMac calculate wind loads on buildings with online CFD.


Pollution Control

The pollution of air or water can create dangerous problems on the safety of humans. Predicting and assessing the path of factories exhausts and discharges in the rivers plays a vital role when it comes to wind engineering. Finding a solution that gives accurate results can be challenging in such applications, where this is highly required. AnaMac focuses on high accuracy and our engineers are constantly creating validations to compare them with experimental data. Through CFD,  AnaMac optimize industrial ventilation.








Wind Loads on Cell on Wheel

The Cell on Wheels (COW) is a portable base station used to provide temporary cellular network coverage for high-profile events and emergency situations where existing base stations become damaged, or during natural disasters such as bushfires and floods.

AnaMac provides Stress Analysis of a truck trailer mounted 30m & 40mtr high mobile tower under 180 & 200 KMPH wind speed as per IS-875 standard . AnaMac provides Design and Analysis in wide range of telescopic towers, "Cell On Wheels - COW", and communication solutions for its clients in India and overseas. Currently, we do Design and FEA analysis for 20, 30, and 40 meter COW.



Wind Loads on Solar PV

AnaMac analyze the effects of temperature on photo voltaic module output performance. AnaMac analyze the correlation between the efficiency and ambient temperature . The ambient temperature has a positive correlation with the efficiency of the PV system which indicates that ambient temperature plays an important role in performance analysis. Also, there is a direct proportionality between the efficiency of the PV system and the ambient temperature of the locality. Actually when the power plants are installed at different rural areas of the state, It is main criteria that the ambient temperature can be preferred for predicting the performance of photo voltaic module compared to wind speed for the present area of study.  At AnaMac we provide end to end services into design & analysis of Solar Panels - 10, 20,30 meter .


Wind Turbines 

Wind turbine as electricity generator has some advantages and disadvantages. Some advantages of using wind turbines for electricity generation are electricity generation without any pollution, fast installation and commissioning, and also low expense for maintenance. 

At AnaMac  while analysis of the wind turbines four things considered are designing, stress analysis, aero-elasticity, and fatigue.

Designing of the blades to get the maximum energy from the wind flow is an essential topic which is according to a refined aerodynamic science.



Our approach is more towards Industry best practices and cover it through projects done for the Industry .

Our Engineers have more 10+ years of experience in the FEA & CFD field.