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AnaMac Collaborations

AnaMac collaborated with Advanced Analysis Australia for their worldwide Sales and Support Services .

Advanced Analysis is one of  the Pioneers in 

  • Explosion Analysis -CFD
  • Revolution in Automated Drawing Analysis - with DigiTwiin(Automated Parts Count in P&IDs , PFDs)
  • PFD to RBD 

We at AnaMac providing both products and their services as per our Client need.

For Demo & Trial Version - Please connect at : or Fill the form on right with your requirements our Sales team will get back to you. 


AnaMac- Automated Parts Count with DigiTwiin


Advanced object recognition software for drawing digitisation and automated parts counts and material take off.

DigiTwïn is used to digitise drawings, carry out parts counts, and material take offs on piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs), Process Flow Diagrams (PFD’s) for the purpose of QRA or costing a project. The software reads single or batches of P&ID drawings, and outputs parts counts, types, quantity, sizes and line IDs for each item. Drawings are processed in tens of seconds rather than hours and the results are accurate, repeatable and an order of magnitude less in cost. More detailed information means better quantification of risk for risk practitioners, and more accurate and profitable projects for EPC.

DigiTwïn is indispensable within following industries:

o Oil and Gas offshore and onshore operators

o Safety and Risk Consultancies

o EPC contractors o Insurance Risk Assessors

o Digitisation Efforts

DigiTwïn is User Friendly

o Extensive and fully customisable libraries where users can define any object to add to the library

o Outputs results in excel format, and a marked-up drawing.

o Consistent Windows™ look-

o Dedicated online support and helpdesk


o Detailed information in P&IDs sizes and line ID’s detected and recorded

o A drawing is analysed in tens of seconds instead of an hour-a-drawing manually.

o Enables more effective preparation of bids by EPC companies

o Constant software upgrades supported by real consultancy and explosion modelling experience o Enables for real cost reduction in safety studies and estimation

o The most cost-effective way for carrying out a QRA

o The most cost-effective way for ensuring safe design and safety driven modifications




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